Digerati Webcrafts is a design & UX driven Technology Company based in Kolkata, India

We are also a team of location-independent design professionals .

We focus heavily on content & design, for developing bespoke Web & Mobile App solutions.

We have also been handling Social Media Management & Digital Marketing projects, and have experienced & creative resources who can adapt social post designs & post strategy as per the Social Platforms required for designing communications and planning campaigns.

What’s Digerati?



People with expertise or professional involvement in information technology. The word is a portmanteau, derived from “digital” and “literati”.

The word is a portmanteau, derived from “digital” and “literati”.

The digerati (or digirati) are the elite of digitalization, social media, content marketing, computer industry and online communities.

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We are a reliable Web Design & Development company with authentic reviews and unadulterated client relationships.

Your reviews matter to us, as we constantly try to evolve as a team. Reviews of appreciation motivate us, while the critical ones help us to grow.

We have worked with Retail Brands, Corporate Giants, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations.

In the space of collaboration and business, everybody is an equal. We’ve partnered with clients who have hailed from Retail, Education, Music, Film & Film Production, Health & Wellness, Fashion, Photography, Wedding, Hotel & Events, among others.