At Digerati Webcrafts, we’re constantly on the lookout for experienced, as well as fresh talents. We look for people with not only the skill set but with sensibility, initiative and aesthetics. So if you are a Web Designer or a Web Developer, Social Media Manager, or have skills and the head space to strategize digital marketing, send us your portfolio. We’ll connect with you if some opportunity presents itself.

About Digerati

Digerati Webcrafts Private Limited is a Design agency from Kolkata, and has been in the business since 2011. We provide boutique web solutions catering to our clients’ exact requirements and business goals. We focus on content, usability, presentation & design in minute detail to create customized websites which work.

We also handle Social Media Management & Digital Marketing projects, and need experienced & creative resources who can adapt creative designs & post strategy as per the Social Platforms required for designing communications and planning campaigns. Our clients range from varying industries such as Corporates, NGOs, Musicians, Film & Film Production, Health & Wellness, Fashion, Photography, Wedding, Hotel & Events etc.

Send Us Your Work Portfolio

Be sure to attach samples of your work/design portfolio. Without it, we will not be in a position to evaluate your skills.