Goethe-Institut Kolkata

Digital Marketing for Event Attendance & Branding

We conducted short burst of Digital Campaigns on Facebook for GOETHE INSTITUT KOLKATA to promote all activities related to events, performances, festivals, screenings, launches during sporadic periods back in 2013. Of course, the conversion was finally measured in terms of attendance at these events, which went rather well.

The events promoted were dance performances such as ‘AADHAARACHAKRA A DANCELOGUE’ & ‘MEIDHWANI’ performed on the 23RD & 24TH OCTOBER respectively at KALAMANDIR, Kolkata. On another stint we promoted DIALOGUES – a LGBT FILM FESTIVAL & couple more dance festivals titled PRAYANA & Pina.

The Goethe-Institut, as the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, brings the multifaceted image of Germany to the world. It provides access to German language, culture and society and promotes international cultural cooperation.

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